Maroon5 Overexposed-tour Song List

Just watched on youtube the full concert of Maroon5 in Sao Paulo (26 Aug – 97min) part of their Overexposed tour. Five songs were from Overexposed album, while the rest would still be catchy in your ears & ofcourse melt your heart down when you’re about to see them back live in Jakarta. They also played Gym Class Heroes’ Stereo Hearts and jammed a bit of Justin’s Sexy Back. So despite the bad review of their latest album, the live show might still have a place on any fan’s heart.

Below are the song lists in Sao Paulo :

  1. Payphone (overexposed)
  2. Makes Me Wonder (IWBSBL)
  3. Lucky Strike (overexposed)
  4. Sunday Morning (songs about jane)
  5. If I Never See Your Face Again (IWBSBL)
  6. Wipe Your Eyes (overexposed)
  7. Won’t Go Home Without You (IWBSBL)
  8. Harder to Breath (songs about jane)
  9. Wake Up Call (IWBSBL)
  10. One More Night (overexposed)
  11. Hands All Over (hands all over)
  12. Misery (hands all over)
  13. This Love (songs about jane)
  14. She Will Be Loved (songs about jane)
  15. Stereo Hearts
  16. Daylight (overexposed)
  17. Don’t You Want Me Baby/Sexy Back/Moves like Jagger (hands all over)

If you feel you shall not miss this year’s performance with above list even if you have watched them 18months ago (which I think they had a better list), so hassle no more, go find a ticket while available.
And by the time you’re watching them, be sure you will have heard those new singles couple of times so you will not feel aside.


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