Indonesian Records on 2011 Palm Challenge

All Indonesian finalists have made their best on this most anticipated Subaru Palm Challenge. Most of us were dropped out because of the untolerated stiffness of feet/leg/arm, while I was unable to hold my stomach ache any longer..

Below are the complete records of Indonesian team :

Antony 18h
Mirza 20h12m
Agi 20h20m
Dicky 24h58m
Sularno 27h57m
Hardy 30h25m
Beni 33h
Yatna 40h
Mario 55h
Frendy 62h

Frendy is still holding the title of Indonesia’s Country Winner he held since last year challenge, even with 6 hours shorter than his own record.

As I post this, the challenge is and has been running more than 72hours, with only 3 remaining contestants, all Singaporean, with no more 5min breaks will be given.


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