The awards of Subaru Palm Challenge final

I’m on my way to Soekarno Hatta to join the rest of Indonesian team to compete at the 10th Subaru Palm Challenge in Singapore with total of 400 contenders from 10 countries including Kamboja, Macau, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philipines, Thailand, Singapore & Indonesia.

The last person standing will be awarded as the Winner & entitled a Subaru Impreza WRX. Besides that, there will be other rewards for the Asian (non Singaporean) Winner, Country Winner, & Country-Team Winner.

Asian winner is the last non Singaporean standing while Country winner is the last person standing from each country. Asian winner is entitled of SGD 5,000, while the country winners are entitled of SGD 1,000 per winner as the prize. The Country-Team Winner is country whose accumulated time of the team stands out the longest. This category is giving SGD 10,000 per country as the prize. It makes every team supporting on each other member to stay up in the competition.

Hopefully I’ll get any of the prize otherwise I have to be satisfied with the given SGD 360 cash allowance being the Indonesian finalists.

The event will start at 1PM tomorrow in Takashimaya outdoor area, & I won’t be tweeting since no gadget allowed, so follow my wife @deepermana to get the updates because she will be supporting me on the spot.

Wish me get rid of my cold..
Wish me not having bad metabolism..
Wish me my skin not too burnt..
Wish me luck!!


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