“Would You Go for Dinner with Me, Siri?”

Siri was actually an App already running on iPhone3GS and iPhone4. But Apple had bought the app to develop it become an extraordinary integrated feature on iPhone4S (not even iPhone4 with iOS5 running). Right after the announce of Siri feature on iPhone4S launching, the app is notifying the user that the service will be no longer available after Oct 15th (date when iPhone4S available).

Despite the voice command, speech recognition and text-to-speech concepts that basically resemble Siri, the way of Siri understands your sentences (not command) and learns your way of speech day to day is somehow amazing (only if the commercial is truly true). It will redefine the standard speech recognition in mobile devices. Having seen the commercial, the command seems no longer group of definite phrases (like required in Google voice search). It’s really like you speak to your personal assistant (but with robotic accent).

I don’t know how many languages that Apple has developed for Siri to understand and read but I’m pretty sure that it will be the first feature you test when you have the iPhone4S at your country. And there will be moments when people surround you hear you talking to iPhone, when people also start to know your schedules and messages, until the time when you selectively use the feature not wanting to feel very awkward in front of anybody.

So let’s see the commercial on Introducing Siri.

Siri is the actual reason why all the Apple buzz was themed Let’s Talk iPhone (add a comma before iPhone if you don’t simply understand). Siri responds to your questions and does your requests correctly as you want. Siri is your personal assistant going anywhere with you.

So whenever you’ve got the iPhone4S in your hand and tried some requests, how about asking Siri to go for dinner with you. Make sure to update us how she responds. 😀


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