How was Subaru Palm Challenge 2011- Jakarta leg ?

Quoted from Subaru Press Release :

    Running into its third year and jointly organised by Hardrock FM, this is the most challenging event that Indonesia has ever witnessed to date!

Yup! I was selected among 550 people registered for the Jakarta leg. And there were 120 selected individuals invited to the challenge on July 23rd at JiExpo Kemayoran. After registration, we were advised to store our bag & belongings to the event staff or our families prior the competition.

There were 3 Subaru cars (black, silver, & blue colored) standby open-aired below the storming sun in front of the performance stage. I took 2 packs of Hydro energy drink, light meal and some toilet activities at some minutes before the challenge started.

After 1 hour delay, at 10.00 AM the sirines were blown to officially start the competition by ‘simply’ place the right-hand palm to our numbered-palm spots. There were 40 palm spots all over each car. And my number was 113, placed in the blue car. Luckily I wasn’t standing facing the sun like half other participants, yet my palm spot were already burnt hundred degrees I guess. Seemed some palm spots at the rear window weren’t as warm as mine 😦 Well, that’s the real challenge I guess.

Similar to the 1st & 2nd event, there were some elimination games which I wasn’t prepared of. After 2-3 hours, the 1st game was to raise our left-hand (the unoccupied one) horizontally a shoulder high (5 min), continued with raising straight up (another 5 min), continued to a hand & foot raising combination (another 5 min). I didn’t expect that I would pass that stiffy challenge but I did!! 😀 Just like 112 other participants. Daang!

An hour later, the 2nd game was quite in similar poses, but we were to hold a bottle of 600ml Aqua for total 15 min duration as well. It knocked out only less than 10 participants I guess. Some of them forgot that after the 15 min ended, they should have still kept the right palm at the car. Seeing that, I kept reminding myself not to forget which the real challenge was.

After 6 hours (4.00 PM), the break was given, conducted into 3 parts, 5 min for each car. With that 5 min, I was only able to drink 3x600ml Aqua and eat some rice dishes. I was mistakenly washed my palm with cold water resulting more pain on my palm skin :x. Few participants were disqualified not getting back before the 5min ended, while few others made it to take meals, drinks & sholat in that very short duration.

30 min later, the next elimination game was conducted. This one still had the same poses, but with 2 bottles in hand. It surely knocked out more than 40 participants I guess. Pheew, I still made it through even started to feel pain on my left-arm muscles (if I got some :p). Below are pictures taken by my wife which just came at around 5.00 PM.

While there were Endah n Rhesa performing around 2 pm, at 6 pm the Mike’s was on stage trying their best to cheer us up & kept us away from boredom being more than 8 hours standing like palm prisoners. The clock was ticking longer on hours when the stage wasn’t giving any live performance. There were also marshalls everywhere (since the beginning) with their eagle eyes ready to spot any palm not in the qualified position as important as our left hand’s position on every elimination games.

At 7.00 PM, the 4th game was conducted & killing our left hand fingers! We were to clip 2 bottles between our fingers (1 bottle between index & middle finger, the other one between middle & ring finger). The bottle cap was giving so much pain. (Not believing this? Try it yourself). We had to keep the arm raised flat horizontally a shoulder’s high and clipping the bottles for 10 min (feels like hours). And this time it knocked out more than 30 participants I guess, making us (including me) as the last 20 people! Yeaaah!!!

It really made me once very happy because as I remembered the last 20 standing participants were already entitled for 1million rupiahs. Unfortunately, it didn’t happened that way. The MC told us that there were just 1 more goodie bag from Subaru for us compared to the other 100. Hixhix..

Well then, the game was not over! Yet I would fight to be the last 10 standings to get the chance to compete regionally in Singapore.

The clock was ticking even longer after that. The last elimination game was conducted at around 8.00 PM. Now, no more holding or clipping bottle, but we were just to let 1 bottle standing up at our left palm & keep the arm raised also a shoulder high with no time limitation. Yes, the game was sudden death, meaning it would end when they got 10 last standings, no matter how long it would take!!

Right after it was started, the supporters were really cheering us more than ever seeing that this game would be the last battle for us. They did make us recharge our energy to fight that 600ml bottle (more like 600kg to me). My arm was very stiffed and my whole body was started to shake. A marshall kept warning me to keep standing up. After some minutes, 4 participants were knocked out, one by one, because the bottle fell down or the way they stood. We had to draw ourselves straight up, otherwise we would be disqualified. Inevitably, I, like some others, had to stand tilted to the right to help my stiffed left arm raised flat otherwise the bottle might have fallen down earlier. I kept trying to draw myself up over and over again without letting the bottle loose its balance. After chances given, the marshall finally disqualified me. 😦 😦

So at 8.15 pm, after 10 hours and 15 minutes, I made it as the 16th last-standing participant.

I was a bit disappointed knowing that only several minutes later, the last 10 were finally standing out of the crowd. Ten men were not believing what they had been through, even 1 man still closed his eyes and kept his hands on duty while the other 9 were already jumping and cheering happy.

My wife cheered me up & told me that she had not expected my endurance could be so extensive. Neither me! 🙂

My right palm was really in pain having some skins burnt & torn out (last for 2 weeks). It was unsuspected that I could overcome those pains as well as the boredom, thirst & hunger during the competition. In fact in the end, my stiffed left arm that failed me to be the last 10 men standing. Well, even my skin tone were darken around my face & right arm, I went home with proud feeling being a rare (bit crazy) person with such endurance. 😀

Surprisingly, the story has not over. There is a reason why I finally share this experience as my 1st blog.


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