My recap for 2012

  1. 18 days around Europe bersama Dian dan Rafa, tanpa travel/tour, dan kasih lihat Eiffel tower di malam ultah istri ku
  2. Melepas kepergian Aki Kastubi (alm) di usianya 92thn yang semoga lebih tenang di surga sana
  3. Masih di Ericsson tapi pindah unit dgn jobrole baru sebagai Broadband Network presales design, setelah 6 tahun di Engineering (akhirnya!)
  4. Setelah hampir 6 tahun bersama, my 1st car Avanza diganti All New Sirion
  5. Bisnis kecil2an sewamantel berhasil BEP setelah 15 bulan berjalan
  6. Setelah 3 tahun diet (kadang2), kadar kolesterol akhirnya turun di bawah 300!

  7. Alhamdulillah atas rahmat dan kesempatan dari Allah SWT untuk merealisasikan dan ketabahan melewati segala cobaan. Mudah2an akan selalu diberi rahmat dan kesehatan berlimpah pada saya dan keluarga, dan kesempatan lebih banyak lg untuk menggapai segala keinginan di 2013!


    So, 2013.. Be nice to me & my family.. Don’t run too fast.. But I’m ready to rumble for any glitch ahead!

Maroon5 Overexposed-tour Song List

Just watched on youtube the full concert of Maroon5 in Sao Paulo (26 Aug – 97min) part of their Overexposed tour. Five songs were from Overexposed album, while the rest would still be catchy in your ears & ofcourse melt your heart down when you’re about to see them back live in Jakarta. They also played Gym Class Heroes’ Stereo Hearts and jammed a bit of Justin’s Sexy Back. So despite the bad review of their latest album, the live show might still have a place on any fan’s heart.

Below are the song lists in Sao Paulo :

  1. Payphone (overexposed)
  2. Makes Me Wonder (IWBSBL)
  3. Lucky Strike (overexposed)
  4. Sunday Morning (songs about jane)
  5. If I Never See Your Face Again (IWBSBL)
  6. Wipe Your Eyes (overexposed)
  7. Won’t Go Home Without You (IWBSBL)
  8. Harder to Breath (songs about jane)
  9. Wake Up Call (IWBSBL)
  10. One More Night (overexposed)
  11. Hands All Over (hands all over)
  12. Misery (hands all over)
  13. This Love (songs about jane)
  14. She Will Be Loved (songs about jane)
  15. Stereo Hearts
  16. Daylight (overexposed)
  17. Don’t You Want Me Baby/Sexy Back/Moves like Jagger (hands all over)

If you feel you shall not miss this year’s performance with above list even if you have watched them 18months ago (which I think they had a better list), so hassle no more, go find a ticket while available.
And by the time you’re watching them, be sure you will have heard those new singles couple of times so you will not feel aside.

March in Europe : Fixing the Itineraries

In early February, Garuda announced that they will be reducing the flight frequency to Amsterdam due to some financial reason, from 7 times a week becoming 4 times a week, starting March 1st, 2012.  Since that date, GA 088 (Jakarta to Amsterdam) will only run every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, while GA 089 (Amsterdam to Jakarta) will run every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This new policy make our flight on March 1st (which is Thursday) as NO FLY status. If I didn’t read the news in detikcom, I would not know this information because Garuda has not informed us. I then came to Garuda office to confirm this issue and follow up the solution for our flight to Amsterdam.

Garuda gave us several options to choose, whether to be rescheduled to 1 day after, 1 day earlier, or transferred to another flight (SQ, direct flight from Singapore). After thorough consideration and discussion, we then chose to reschedule 1 day earlier to February 29th, to keep fly with Garuda flight scheme (which is transitting in Dubai after 8 hours). Luckily, after quite long negotiation, Garuda also gave us a room to stay 1 night in Novotel Amsterdam Airport in effect of arriving 1 day earlier than planned. Even we would be happier if Garuda could upgrade the class to business, but it’s enough to cure our complaints.

We also got a complimentary room in Crowne Plaza Zurich Hotel from my uncle living in Switzerland. We then changed the place of stay in Barcelona to NH Belagua Hotel that have better location but more pricey than Putxet Hostal.  Hopefully, there will no other change in last minutes.

Date Type Name/Code Depart Dep Place Date Arrive Arr Place Lodging
29 Flight GA 088 8:30 PM CGK 1 7:45 AM Schipol Family
6 Train Thalys 09:16 AM Amsterdam Centraal 5 11:10 AM Bruxelles Midi -
6 Train Thalys 4:37 PM Bruxelles Midi 6 5:59 PM Paris Nord Altona
9 Flight Easyjet 1:45 PM Paris CDG 9 3:30 PM Barcelona BCN NH Belagua
12 Flight Vueling 3:10 PM Barcelona BCN 12 5 PM Zurich ZRH Crowne Plaza
14 Train City Night Line 8:42 PM Zurich HB 15 8:55 AM Amsterdam Centraal Family
17 Flight GA 089 10:00 AM Schipol 18 8:05 AM CGK  -



Permohonan Visa Schengen untuk keluarga dengan anak balita

Untuk keperluan liburan keluarga ke beberapa negara di Eropa bulan Maret 2012, hari ini saya bersama istri dan anak datang ke Royal Netherlands Embassy di Kuningan untuk apply Visa Schengen untuk saya, istri dan anak saya (2.5thn). Minggu lalu, saya telah booking jadwal untuk hari ini (5 Jan) jam 8.30 melalui online bookingnya di

Sistem bookingnya pun sedikit menarik. Booking dibuka untuk jadwal selama 2 minggu ke depan, dan pada awalnya hanya dibuka untuk jam 8 pagi (15 aplikasi) dan 8.30 pagi (15 aplikasi). Saat saya booking seminggu sebelumnya, kedua jadwal tsb masih open. Tetapi saat saya cek sehari sebelumnya, ternyata quota sudah penuh sehingga embassy membuka shift selanjutnya (jam 9 pagi) dgn quota 15 aplikasi juga. Berarti memang kita diwajibkan mengisi dulu jadwal terpagi hingga penuh. (Jadilah kita harus nginep ke rumah mertua yang lebih dekat ke Kuningan dibanding rumah kita di Bambu Apus, kalau ga, mesti berangkat jam brp kita dr sana untuk hadir pukul 8.30 pagi di Kuningan??? :))
Pada akhir proses booking, kita mendapatkan lembar undangan embassy yang harus kita print sendiri. Continue reading

Some Trailers for 2012 Movies

Superheroes and sequels will have a major and on-going presence on the big screen in 2012. Only a decade after shattering opening weekend box office records, Sony will reboot the Spider-Man franchise with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in 3D. Nicholas Cage will return as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in February. The Marvel superhero team, The Avengers, will introduce themselves to audiences worldwide in early May. The highly anticipated 3D film will crossover the characters from several Marvel superhero films including Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Christian Bale will reprise his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, the third installment in the renewed DC Comics franchise and likely the last from Nolan.

Hollywood’s love affair with sequels (and prequels) continues practically every month of the year. During the spring, audiences will see Sam Worthington reprise his role as Perseus for Wrath of the Titans (the sequel to 2010’s Clash of the Titans), as well as see the return of the American Pie gang in American Reunion and more outlandish horror-comedic spoofs in a new Scary Movie. In late May, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith will revive their poular roles as Agents K and J in Men in Black III, which will be directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who helmed the first two installments. A secretive project perhaps related to 1979’s Alien, G.I. Joe 2 (with Dwayne Johnson), Step Up 4, The Bourne Legacy (without Matt Damon though), Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and The Expendables 2, will also all be released during the summer months.

Continue reading

Indonesian Records on 2011 Palm Challenge

All Indonesian finalists have made their best on this most anticipated Subaru Palm Challenge. Most of us were dropped out because of the untolerated stiffness of feet/leg/arm, while I was unable to hold my stomach ache any longer..

Below are the complete records of Indonesian team :

Antony 18h
Mirza 20h12m
Agi 20h20m
Dicky 24h58m
Sularno 27h57m
Hardy 30h25m
Beni 33h
Yatna 40h
Mario 55h
Frendy 62h

Frendy is still holding the title of Indonesia’s Country Winner he held since last year challenge, even with 6 hours shorter than his own record.

As I post this, the challenge is and has been running more than 72hours, with only 3 remaining contestants, all Singaporean, with no more 5min breaks will be given.

The awards of Subaru Palm Challenge final

I’m on my way to Soekarno Hatta to join the rest of Indonesian team to compete at the 10th Subaru Palm Challenge in Singapore with total of 400 contenders from 10 countries including Kamboja, Macau, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philipines, Thailand, Singapore & Indonesia.

The last person standing will be awarded as the Winner & entitled a Subaru Impreza WRX. Besides that, there will be other rewards for the Asian (non Singaporean) Winner, Country Winner, & Country-Team Winner.

Asian winner is the last non Singaporean standing while Country winner is the last person standing from each country. Asian winner is entitled of SGD 5,000, while the country winners are entitled of SGD 1,000 per winner as the prize. The Country-Team Winner is country whose accumulated time of the team stands out the longest. This category is giving SGD 10,000 per country as the prize. It makes every team supporting on each other member to stay up in the competition.

Hopefully I’ll get any of the prize otherwise I have to be satisfied with the given SGD 360 cash allowance being the Indonesian finalists.

The event will start at 1PM tomorrow in Takashimaya outdoor area, & I won’t be tweeting since no gadget allowed, so follow my wife @deepermana to get the updates because she will be supporting me on the spot.

Wish me get rid of my cold..
Wish me not having bad metabolism..
Wish me my skin not too burnt..
Wish me luck!!

Representing Indonesia at ‘SEA Games’ for Palm

You might have known that I was one of the contestant in Subaru Palm Challenge – Jakarta leg, last July, in JIExpo Kemayoran. If you missed the full review , I eventually came out as the last 16th still-standing contestant, while the 1st – 10th were eligible to proceed to regional competition in Singapore. I just got some goodie bags as reward, while those 10 men would later get 5-day full accomodation with cash allowance in Singapore.

All of a sudden, the story has not come to an end. Hardrockfm staff was phoned me, 2 months after, telling that they’re in hurry looking for 1 replacement to be sent to Singapore since there’s one of the 10 men withdrawn at personal reason. She knew that I wasn’t the man at the 11th position, but she had been trying yet unsuccessful to contact the others. So she asked me if I had time on 28oct-2nov to be the replacement guy. Well, even I’m employed, my project load will have been in control at those dates, so with no longer consideration, I said YES!! :D She didn’t give me more time to think because they needed to issue my ticket at the soonest.

Now I’m more than ready to step up retesting my endurance, physically & mentally, competing with other hundreds of contender from across Asia. It’s somehow my biggest proud that I’m really going to be one of the 10 men representing Indonesia to bring home a Subaru sedan! Yeaaah, it’s getting serious!

As briefed by the Subaru team last Thursday, the regional competition will start right at 1.00 PM on Oct 29th, in front of Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City). There will be 10 Subaru cars with max 40 contestant each, whereas 80 of them are the finalists from 8 Asian nation and the remaining 320 will be the new contestants from Singapore. There will be NO elimination games, and also NO TIME LIMIT. So all of us will only be fighting to our own endurance to become the last person standing to win 1 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5 Turbo sedan, worth of 450 MIDR!
So incase you’ll be in Singapore on that date, be pleased to see me & other contestants from all over Asia, from that time on until.. hmmm I’m not too sure.. Hopefully lasted long enough :p FYI, last year’s winner was lasted for 75 hours touching the car! Pheeew! That’s like more than 3 days & nights! :o

Would I dare to such extent?? We’ll see.. Til then, wish me luck and stay healthy everyone.. :)

March in Europe : Getting the Itineraries

We have bought the return ticket to Amsterdam by Garuda Indonesia since July 2011. We got the quite affordable promotion ticket, which were Rp 7,800,000 / adult and Rp 6,400,000 / child for travelling in March 2012. The low exchange USD rate at the time of transaction was also giving so much contribution making the rupiahs spent lower than most of other flight’s fare.

Even this won’t be my first time, but it will be the first time for me bringing my wife & son getting to Europe. For weeks we were hardly deciding which cities to include in our trip. But finally we fixed the itinerary as you will see in below table.

Date Type Name/Code Depart Dep Place Date Arrive Arr Place Lodging
1 Flight GA 088 8:30 PM CGK 2 7:45 AM Schipol Family
6 Train Thalys 09:16 AM Amsterdam Centraal 5 11:10 AM Bruxelles Midi -
6 Train Thalys 4:37 PM Bruxelles Midi 6 5:59 PM Paris Nord Altona
9 Flight Easyjet 1:45 PM Paris CDG 9 3:30 PM Barcelona BCN Putxet
12 Flight Vueling 3:10 PM Barcelona BCN 12 5 PM Zurich ZRH Olympia
14 Train City Night Line 8:42 PM Zurich HB 15 8:55 AM Amsterdam Centraal Family
17 Flight GA 089 10:00 AM Schipol 18 8:05 AM CGK  -

The itineraries are not too tight in schedules as my wife and I agreed to have more times exploring each city and also bear in mind that we’ll be travelling with a 2,5-year-old boy.  :)

The hotels we booked are hotels that match to our preferences, whereas €60-70/ night, near metro / hop on/off bus stop, nice surrounding, no booking fee and also free-cancellation. The flights are also budget flights which baggage allowances can be booked as our preferences.  Easyjet lowest fare from Paris to Barcelona was as low as €29 /way/adult while Vueling lowest fare from Barcelona to Zurich was €45 /way/adult. Since these are budget flights, my son was paying full fare as much as adult. The tickets are not refundable so we will lost our payment if our visas are not granted.

“Would You Go for Dinner with Me, Siri?”

Siri was actually an App already running on iPhone3GS and iPhone4. But Apple had bought the app to develop it become an extraordinary integrated feature on iPhone4S (not even iPhone4 with iOS5 running). Right after the announce of Siri feature on iPhone4S launching, the app is notifying the user that the service will be no longer available after Oct 15th (date when iPhone4S available).

Despite the voice command, speech recognition and text-to-speech concepts that basically resemble Siri, the way of Siri understands your sentences (not command) and learns your way of speech day to day is somehow amazing (only if the commercial is truly true). Continue reading


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